Rave reviews for Bollywood Musical Sandstorm

Glowing comments are coming in non-stop for "Bollywood Musical Sandstorm" -- the final Year of India event in Regina that thrilled an audience of over 500 on October 25.

If you have comments or reviews about any of the Year of India events, please share them with us through our contact page.

Meanwhile, we just couldn't resist sharing this email from Karen, which makes us so proud:

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What a fantastic way to end the main shows for the celebration of Year of India! WOW!

Ellie and Mya both delighted in the costumes and the excitement they felt from the dancers! I asked the girls if they had favourite parts and Ellie immediately exclaimed hers to be the puppet dance, especially after the main girl changed into the red glittery outfit! Ellie wanted to get up and dance at that point! Each time a new dance started and the dancers would come from the wings, Ellie would lean over with wide eyes and say, "now that's cool!". What a joy to watch her react in such ways!

Mya said her favourite was very difficult to choose as she really liked everything, but if she had to choose it would be the daring dance the woman did balancing all the silver on her head while dancing on the plate, the glasses, swords etc. She was in awe of her abilities!

They then asked me if I had a favourite and I agreed with Mya that it was difficult to choose, but my most joy came from listening to the music, the dancing was that little bit of icing on the cake! I had a couple friends comment on Facebook last night that the show was spectacular for them and one they never would have seen in any other circumstance so they too, are grateful for your hard work!
A grande Thank-you!

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